If you’re like most, you have some immediate questions. Like “How do you do that?” and “How much does it cost?” (always a popular question) and “How can I be sure it will work?” (you can’t, but this might make you feel better.)

Impatient? Click here Here’s how we think you should proceed. You should start by reading a very short article entitled “Ten Reasons Lawyers Don’t Do Marketing.” Then you might want to see some examples of our work, or watch one of Mark Merenda’s videos on law firm marketing. After that, you should read the stories of some of our clients. And then you might want to contact us.

However, we know our audience, and most of them don’t have the time or patience for the steps above — at least not as a first step. If you fall into that group, then click the big red button on this page and we’ll cut to the chase.

One slightly cautionary note: the key to law firm marketing is implementation. If you read the books and articles that are available for free on this site; if you watch the videos, and read the blog posts, you’ll have a good idea of all the things you need to do to succeed at attorney marketing.

Now you need to do them.